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Going Out Of Business

We have been offering a simple call tracking solution since 2012. Unfortunately, we have not had the time to add new features to our service to stay up to date with the current technology. Therefore, we are closing our “online” doors on August, 1st 2015.

We’d like to recommend a company that has a great product with many more features that you can utilize. Allow me to introduce you to CallTrackingMetrics. Please visit their page regarding the features their product offers that you are not able to utilize with our service: https://calltrackingmetrics.com/features/track-advertising

Signing up will entail creating an account, by clicking on the provided link below, and then working with CallTrackingMetrics to transfer your call tracking numbers to their platform. There should be no downtime of calls during this process as they use the same service provider we use. This also eliminates the need to port numbers to their platform. Once you create an account with Call Tracking Metrics, email their support team and they will migrate your existing Ad Committee numbers to your new account with Call Tracking Metrics. You will have to fund the account before they can migrate the numbers

I want to thank you for your years of business and know that you will be satisfied with the product and service offering of Call Tracking Metrics.

Please sign up for a new account using this link: http://calltrackingmetrics.go2cloud.org/SH2y

It’s important to sign up via the link above. If you have any questions about signing up please contact Jessica Michaels from Call Tracking Metrics. If you sign up over the phone please mention that you are part of the transition from Ad Committee.

+1 410 567 0587

From everyone at Ad Committee, we wish you and your business a prosperous year and continued success. Keep in mind, you can’t control what you don’t track.

Finally, if you would please acknowledge the receipt of this email that will be very helpful, thank you.

All the best,
The Ad Committee Team

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